Job Interview questions with answers- How to prepare for job interview?

Job Interview questions with answers. How to prepare for job interview?

Interview preparation tips, Interview questions with answers for fresher and experienced. How to prepare for job interview?

The job interview is probably the most important step you will take in your job search journey – it’s your best chance to show the recruitment company that you’re the best person for their job.

Interview preparation for freshers, interview preparation questions with ready to use answers, interview preparation for experienced and tips

Know how to prepare for a job interview?


  • The job description and job roles review it at first.
  • Research the company and products.
  • Thinking about what you will wear that is formal.
  • Planning your journey to the interview.
  • Preparing for job interview questions you will be ask.
  • Preparing your own questions for the employer
  • Following up with the employer.

Resume Checklist :
No grammatical errors! Triple-check your resume. Use a spell checking software, a
friend, and a professional.
Check ?
Do not exceed two pages. Less is more. Use the resume to “flirt” with the reader.
Check ?
Use the summary paragraph to show the value you bring to the table for the hiring
Check ?
Eliminate buzzwords like “team player”, “motivated”, “high-impact”.
Check ?
Include these sections: Contact, Summary, Skills, Experience, Education, & Additional
Check ?
Include quantitative results—that means measurable metrics you achieved or
Check ?
Craft a cover letter that shows why you are most suitable for the specific role
Check ?
Use keywords from the job description so your resume makes it past filtering software.
Check ?
The most important part of preparing for an job interview is practice. Knowing what job interview questions you might be asked is essential – that way, you can craft your interview questions with answers well in advance, and feel confident in your responses when the pressure is on.

Our expert consultants have identified the must-know job interview questions and answers, to ensure your next interview is a success, with following

Let us see job interview questions with sample answers for fresher and experienced.

1) Tell me about yourself.

Ans- Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself in front of you.
My name is Venkatesh. I am from Ongole which is in A.P.
I completed my graduation in B-Tech with the stream of computer science and Engineering from Jntku University. I have done my 12th standard.
From Sri Prathibha Jr College in Ongole and I have completed my 10th standard from Z. P. High school Konijedu.
Coming to my family, we are 4 members including me. My father is a farmer and my mother is a homemaker. I have a younger sister in my family.
Coming to my hobbies; playing cricket is helped me to develop team bonding,
Listening to music has helped me to refresh my mind and browsing the net has helped me to know something and learn.
My strengths are hard-working, a good learner, self-motivated.
My weakness is I can’t feel comfortable until I finish my work on time.
My short-term goal is I get a job at an MNC company.
My long-term goal is to settle at a good position in this company.

2) Why should I hire you?
Ans. 1 – Being a fresher, I think I am very flexible and adaptive to learn new things.
I have theoretical knowledge. But I am waiting to use my theoretical knowledge in a practical way.
And I believe by putting significant efforts I will learn.

Ans. 2 – As a fresh worker, I have nothing to prove when it comes to working experience
but I believe that when we put passion into what we do and when we are committed and overly dedicated to our work and be positive in everything I believe that everything will be easy, also based on the quality you are looking for in the company I think the position you are looking for is right for me and I think that is one of my advantages over others.

Ans 3 – Sir, as per the projects, research and training that I have done it shows clearly that I have a keen interest in the XYZ sector and I’m always excited to expand that knowledge and skills further to learn new one and utilizing that for the welfare of the company. But, having less practical knowledge will be a hindrance for me still I think with my aim of keep learning and having a habit of giving 100% to everything whether it is a project or a classroom assignment I can assure the company that it will not take me much time to learn that skills too.

3)What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Ans. 1- If I talk about my strengths I am a quick learner, honest, punctual and hardworking person. I take my work seriously and do it with my full dedication.
If I come to my weaknesses, I get emotional too easily, and I don’t feel relaxed until I finish my work.

Ans. 2 – I am a positive attitude person and easily approachable, ready to learn new things and very punctual on time.
My weaknesses are, I easily believe others and can’t sleep unless I complete my work till it is done.

Ans. 3 – Talking about my strengths:.
I am a very punctual, self-motivated person, passionately curious, open-minded and a good team player.
I truly believe that my open-mindedness and my friendly nature can bring a positive environment in corporate workplaces and can also lead to good team results. I do think that this is my greatest strength.
Sir, If I talk about my weaknesses:.
I would say that I am a perfection lover.
I want things to be done with perfection. Also, I become restless until things are done properly. I don’t like to give-up easily and this sometimes affects my daily routine/schedules. I spend a lot of
time thinking and analyzing it. I think that makes me weak sometimes.

4) Why do you want to work at our company?
Ans. 1 – Sir, each and every person will prefer to work in a good company like yours.
Sir, some of my BTech seniors and my parallels are the present employees of this company sir and
they said This company will provide the ample opportunities to their employees to start their good
career, to improve their skills and to build their futures in the company and, Also I have read so many employees reviews and they shared their good experiences about the company.
No fresher would expect more than this from the company to start their career sir and.
These are more than enough for a fresher to start their career in a reputed company like yours sir.
These all made me feel like that it will be grateful to work at your company.

Ans. 2 – Sir, As a fresher I want a platform where I can explore my skills as well as learn something from there, as I feel your company can give me that environment which I want and provides me more opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge.

5) How do you feel about working nights and weekends?
Ans. 1- I’d try my best to complete the work on time and if it is really I will surely work nights and weekends. But I’ll prefer to work on the weekends so that I can do work efficiently without any bother and fatigue. Also because of that, we can maintain a proper balance between our personal and
professional life for work effectively.

Ans 2 – Sir, I have a problem for work night because the term of conditions first I am a girl. Parents won’t be allowed at work at night. If you take it responsibility for me. Then I am ready for this work night. By chance any situation like this at work night than I as per stand ready to work night for the company. But I would be working on the weekend.

Ans 3- Sir, though I know there’s a huge difference between work life and student life, still I’d like to mention that since my high school days, during my college days and while developing my projects and even before the exams also, I usually did a lot of late-night studies. So working on late nights on my office projects isn’t going to bother me at all, and about the weekends, I always love to sit and read a book over a cup o’ coffee, rather than going to a shopping mall or having fun with my friends.
Once I’ve come across a quote in social media that, “poor people make plans for Saturday and Sunday nights, whereas rich people make plans for their upcoming three generations”. I strongly believe in this quote.
I mean it’s simple, if you want to earn money and gather practical knowledge and experiences, then you’ve to invest your time. So working late nights and at the weekends isn’t an issue for me at all.

6) Are you willing to relocate or travel?
Ans. 1- Yes, I am pretty comfortable with reallocation. Being a fresher, I am very excited and looking forward to working with different people. Also, since I was born and brought up in Kharagpur, a place
full of people with different cultures, I don’t think it will be difficult for me to blend in.

Ans 2 – I would like to relocate for my company and my job. It’s a great opportunity to work with different people and the environment. Am sure it will boost my knowledge too. I would definitely consider it. If the opportunity given to me is appropriate, rewarding and feasible, I don’t think I will
have any issues with it. And, I think that relocate teaches how to adjust or co-operate with new people.

7) How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
Ans. 1 – Sir, I think your company will provide me with ample growth opportunities in the future. So, as
long as the company is satisfied with my work. And as long as I am satisfied with my career growth. I would continue working here. 

Ans. 2 – Since I’ve been working and gaining experience to get into this job. I’d like to stay a long time if I’m offered the job Since this is where I want to be.
I will work as long as I am being given tasks, Promotions and good recognition for my work.

8) Tell me something about our company.
Ans. 1 – TCS means tata consultancy services. The founder of TCS is JRD Tata and f,c Kohli. It was
founded in 1968 (49 years ago). The CEO and MD of the company is Rajesh Gopinathan and chairman is Natrajan Chandrasekaran.
It provides services like IT services, business consulting, and outsourcing services. It is about
386000 employees working in TCS. It has 289 offices across 46 countries and 121 delivery centres
in 21 countries. The headquarters is in Mumbai. TCS is one of the largest Indian companies by market capitalization $80billion. TCS is now placed among the “BIG 4” most valuable IT services
brands worldwide.
It has an excellent work culture, provides a good platform and also has a good reputation in the industry. People feel so proud to work on this company as the company provides full support to the

9) Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Ans. 1 – I’m positive and determined towards achieving mine as well as the company’s goals. My first priority is to join this company at a good position in a well-reputed company like yours. And after
5years I would like to see myself more confident of what I’m today. I want to absorb more knowledge, more experience as much as possible with good career growth in all aspects of a satisfying position. Where I can give my 100 % to my organization.

Ans. 2 – I would like to see myself as a successful employee in this organization after 5 years of my career, where I could contribute a significant part in growth of the company from my side. I also want to see myself in a more responsible and senior position where I can take part in new and challenging tasks.

Ans. 3 – Well, it depends a lot on how I’m handling the present situation of my life. If you do your work properly, learn new things based on the conditions of life you will succeed in your selected area. No matter how ambitious you are, your ambitions will change to reality only if you take good commitment and action.

10 ) How much salary do you expect?
Ans. 1 – Sir as you know, I am a fresher than my first priority to gain experience and improve my skills in your company but I would like to inform you that salary depends on your company norms for this
job profile I hope which amount of salary given by your company to fulfill my living expenses and basic needs thank you sir.

Ans. 2 – My last company gave me 4.16lpa, and now I am looking to enter my core subject job, so as per my responsibilities and position company will provide me a satisfactory salary, and I am happily accepting that.

Ans. 3 – Sir/Madam as a fresher I’m not that concerned or keen into how much salary I’m getting paid.
I’d like to focus more on excelling my skills and to contribute to the company’s growth.
And, I believe one needs to pay for the quality of work they are doing/fulfilling. And I’m sure your company pays well for the employees.
Thank you.

11 ) Do you have any questions for me?
Ans. 1 – Sir/Mam,
First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity.
As I am a fresher. So can You give me a suggestion, So how can I do my best? If I am selected.
Secondly please give the feedback of my interview. Where do I have to improve myself?

Ans. 2 – Yes sir/ma’am,
Firstly, thank you so much for having me this opportunity.
I wanted to ask, in addition to the skills I possess, what are the areas I need to work on so that I can face any challenges that come with the job, if I got selected?

Ans. 3 – Yes Sir! First of all thank you for giving me this opportunity.
I would like to ask you what will be the growth path in this organization when one joins as a fresher?
and what kind of challenges will we face to have a great career in this organization?

12) Why did you resign from your previous job?
Ans. 1- First, I’m very thankful to my previous organisation as I learnt a lot of skills like teammanagement, working under pressure, punctuality, Etc. And I feel that change is a part of life and I
want to grow myself professionally and financially.
I feel this company is best to enhance my knowledge and I am very much interested in this job to take up a new role and also the challenges coming with it to enhance my skills and overall development. I am ready to work.
I will put my 100% knowledge and experience to the benefit of this company.

Ans. 2 – At first, I Must thank my previous company, they are giving me the opportunity to works with
them. I have learnt many things like time management, team management, how to works under pressure, how to maintain punctuality.
As we know, that Change is the part of life. I wish myself growing both professionally and financially.
So I need to change my job for learning new technology, new works place.
I know that this will help me to learn new technology and gives me new job environment.
I put hard work to fulfil companies work and try to give a role in the company success.

13) Why have you been out of work so long?
Ans. 1 – I was out of work or say the IT industry for both personal and professional reasons, though
both were interrelated. Since the beginning of my career in IT, I always wanted to try something of
my own. I worked in IT to raise capital but wasn’t sure when to take the next step. Then 2. 5 years ago, I was in the middle of a situation where my grandmother was living alone in my hometown and as she is in her 80’s she doesn’t want to leave the hometown and live with us in Bangalore. This is when I decided to go to my hometown to take care of her and also trying out something of my own. I
started a stockbroker office with one of my cousin and made a decent profit for a living.
Now, my dad is retired and has come to take care of my grandmother and with time I have also
realized that to grow in career there is nothing better for me than the IT industry and so I am here again in search of a job.

Ans. 2 – There were times in my life which needed my presence and full attention. Instead to having an unbalanced professional and personal life I decided to take a break considering the priorities at
that point of time. I believe I have done what I could, and now I consider my career as my top priority and decided to restart my career.

Ans. 3- To be honest after getting out from college in 2016 I have attend three interviews but I was
not able to get through. My parents wanted me to get into banking sector as most of my relatives are
in banking. But I know that’s not my field. Due to my parents compulsion I have joined a banking training institute where I have wasted four months. At last I just told my father that I Don’t belong to banking sector and I wanted to get into technical field. And I am here right now.

14) Why have you had so many jobs?
Ans. 1 – If you think that you will be stable in any job, it will be not possible for anyone because the situation changes and we have to face many problems like personal or financial, so to deal with that situation changes occur and we have adapted in that situation.

Ans. 2 – Firstly I am not a person who will keep on hopping from one company to other just for the sake of money. However, money is equally important to survive. I always like to be challenged. In past, I have had an opportunity to work with some of the reputed companies but my expected growth reached a ceiling due to lack of sufficient growth opportunities. But I strongly think now I have anchored my ship at the right harbor considering the career growth prospects coupled with monetary benefits as mentioned in your job profile & on your website.

Ans. 3 – I don’t see them as many jobs. I see them as many steps that I have climbed up and standing potentially capable in front of you with all those stepping experiences.

15) May I contact your present employer for a reference?
Ans. 1- Well, there is no issue from my side regarding contacting my previous employer as my records are clear. If you need any details to contact my office team, I will Surely provide you.

Ans. 2- My company is not aware that I’m looking for other opportunities, I will be gladly giving you the reference once I get selected for this job as my records are very clears.

Ans. 3 – Yes, sir. Why not? It’s a pleasure for me. But sir I would request you once I got shortlist in
your company then you may contact with them because they are not aware of that I am looking for a change and I sure will get the same feedback from them, what I told you about my self.

16)What changes would you make if you came on board?
Ans. 1 – Well Sir, if I come on board I would first like to understand and get familiar with the present working and systems in place.
I would initiate to make changes only if its highly essential.
I strongly believe that its too early for me to make changes in the present systems, procedures and policies for a company of your standing and repute.

Ans. 2 – Firstly, It would be a great honour for me to get this opportunity to make changes in the exiting environment which might need changes by taking care of the following point.

17) How could you have improved your career progress?
Ans. 1 -I have improved my career through my hard work and I am learning new things always and that’s a good habit.
If you have learn something new like learning a new language and new course related to your work That’s really help you to improve your career.

Ans. 2 – Nobody is perfect in the world all area. I am also among them. I have some weakness to me that continuously improve in that area. So I could improved my career.

Ans. 3 – can only grow up my career by accepting the changes in my working profiles, by utilising my time according to the given assignment, by enhancing my personal interest towards my work and by
working with all together as a team because individual can’t stand against such a big projects. Team work enhance working capabilities, less errors, more secure working environment and most important it kept you stay motivate.

18) Why should I hire you from the outside when I could promote someone from within?
Ans. 1 – Yes, you can promote anybody internally but, if you hire from the outside company will get new people, new people mean a new idea, new talent, new skills. Hiring outside it just like upgrading
to new technology. Also, my qualifications and skills match with your requirement so if you want you can hire me.

Ans. 2 – Hiring from outside brings new talent, new ideas and a new strategy to do things to your company.
Also, new employed are more energetic. Also, hiring from outside is just like upgrading to new technology.

Ans. 3 – Thank you for that question, you can hire me from outside because I have aa unique and
creative approach to any task I undertake. Every company needs creativity, so combined creativity
from me and employees outside can lead to abundant fruits which will move the company forward to
its next level.

These are the interview preparation question and answers and interview preparation tips as well. Best of luck for your interview.
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